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love is the closest thing we have to magic

hello! i'm happy you're here.

my name is emee, pronounced like "amy," just spelt a lil more fun. i'm a lifelong lover of love and all things weddings. i've been married to my husband, walker, for two years. we got married surrounded by our 36 favorite humans and our two favorite labradoodles, wade & penny. when not reminiscing on that day, you can find me booking spontaneous trips, attending any mn sporting event, riding my peloton, reading a romance novel or laying in sun spots.


my dream for this space is that we will assist you in a way that allows you

to truly enjoy the process while putting your full energy into a

marriage with your partner that will last long beyond this one day.


"yes, and" has many meanings to us in the context of this space. weddings have the opportunity to be many things at once—the day you marry your person, a special morning with your best friends, the first (or hundredth) day you see your parents cry, and also a very tangible display of your love for your guests to experience. the wedding planning process is full of so many little things leading up to one big thing—your wedding, and thus, your marriage—both full of saying "yes, and" over and over. i'm a believer that everything is figureoutable and would love to use our yes& mentality to plan your best day ever.  

emee danielson

co-founder & planner

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we are most alive when we're in love

hi there! i'm idee.

like heidi, but without the 'h.'

my husband, jake, and i got married in the fall of 2021. it was dreamy, intimate, and filled with love, but most importantly: it felt very 'us.' since our wedding, i haven't been able to get over how magical one day can be with the right team in place to bring the vision to life. i'm a planner at heart and live for to-do lists and actionable next steps. my passion in this space is ensuring that your big day lives up to your ultimate vision. when i'm not strategizing—i can be found reading, traveling, tending to my plant babes, golfing with my husband or playing cribbage with him at a local brewery.


my sister and i are total opposites, but complete complements. my hope for yes& is to use both of our strengths to provide you with total support, guidance, inspiration and assistance when it comes to all things weddings. i believe the best weddings are when the couple prioritizes putting their true and authentic selves at the forefront.

we are here to help you do just that.

idee douglas

co-founder & planner

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